I Am Home; 2020

I sound designed this seven minute video work for Ang Kia Yee, commisioned for Days – and counting season one.

In (perhaps?) their words:
“I am home documents a performance in which Kia Yee explores the notion of home. In it, she takes on the role of a home – placing herself in a cardboard cutout house and attempting to do daily chores, struggling as she goes on. The work reflects on her newfound relationship with her home during lockdown.

The sound used a variety of synthesis methods, as well as samples of scrunched up facemask, to try and evoke the quiet hums of a building at rest.

To view the work in it’s entirety, see HERE. I would recommend you do – I think it’s a rather lovely piece of work, quite apart from my contribution.

photo is just a screenshot from the video: look, I make do with what I’ve got. Copyright lies with Ang Kia Yee for the whole thing, anyway