Something In Your Voice was a show by Emergency Chorus, still in development. I collaborated on the development of the show, and composed the sound for the most recent showing.

Welcome to the Big Show (Gara Lonning); 2023

A little snippet from the big guitar build up moment towards the end of the show

I sound designed this show for Gara Lonning, which premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe, and is currently touring.

Welcome to the Big Show was a hybrid between stand up and theatre, moving from a place of stand up and towards a more familiar fringe solo show. This placed different strictures on the sound design - comedy demands silence, or sudden drops away in sound to meet a punchline. I attempted to be nimbler with the sound cues to meet this demand.

The final section of the piece, a standuop breakdown in a Trader Joe’s, was more extensively scored. Layers and layers of guitars built up a chugging rock instrumental heavily inspired by Patti Smith’s Horses, building eventually to an overdubbed version of The Boy With Perpetual Nervousness. Voiceover featured heavily.

For more information and full credits, see HERE.

photo by [unknown] but I’m gonna find out promise