Something In Your Voice was a show by Emergency Chorus, still in development. I collaborated on the development of the show, and composed the sound for the most recent showing.

GIRLS; 2023

I associate sound designed this show for The Pappyshow.

In their words:
“Spanning decades of lived experience, GIRLS is a whole-hearted dance of what it felt like to be a girl and a reclamation of all things loved, lost, desired and fought for.

A diverse, inter-generational ensemble of women unearth the girls they were and shine a light on the women they have become. “

For the avoidance of doubt and deception, most of the music was written by Naomi Hammerton, with (I think) at least some contributions from Roly Botha. I added a few extra sound effects and plotted the cues for their most recent run. 

The embellishments I made were largely about keeping in line with Naomi’s musical style and vision – a piano based drone here, a subtle countermelody there, a little edit to make a track loop seamlessly somewhere else.

For more information and full credits, see HERE.

photo by Alex Brenner.
Note that this is a previous mounting of the show – I worked with a cast with some different members, and resultant changes to show content.