Something In Your Voice was a show by Emergency Chorus, still in development. I collaborated on the development of the show, and composed the sound for the most recent showing.

Glory Days; 2018
75 minutes

“Look, how’ve you been
I say

She says

I say

She says
You’re wearing your fucking underwear over your trousers!

I say I hadn’t noticed”

We’re into the deeper cuts now. Glory days was a performance for a single performer, an auto-erotic fantasia of Tony Blair dreaming about being a superhero. Very interested in celebrity, nostalgia, self belief and what I percieved as a very particular kind of phychological rot, a stagnant horror, at the core of British liberalism. Still sad but this time in a horny way.

No tour dates to list because it never toured anywhere, something I’m to this day regretful of not pursuing. It was easily the most assured piece of work that I made as a student, and I don’t know, I really think there’s something there. Every time I go to file it in a vault forever, I end up think ‘but what if I remounted it instead?’ It would need a little re-editing, sure, but there are still so many parts that sing to me. A certain combination of sad and bitter. I can’t put the footage online because songs will get flagged, but please do email me if you’d like to take a look.

Director/writer: Nat Norland
Performer: Maya McQueen
Lighting Designer: Ben Kulvichit

Image by Carla La Van