Days – and counting; 2020 – 2021

I sound designed the first two seasons of this online exhibition for OH! Open House in Singapore.

In their words:
“Days — and counting is an on-going portrait of COVID-19 that captures the surreal and strange times we live in through the lens of art and artists. The programme unfolds in three seasons each taking the form of an immersive digital experience that explores our new reality under the pandemic.

The digital art walk takes the metaphor of a dream. The seasons mirror Singapore slowly awakening and having to adapt to new measures and an inescapable reality. These experiences unpack the effects of COVID-19 on a personal and collective level.

Most music composed was for interstitial periods between viewing artworks; while commentary and curatorial text was being delivered.

In Season one, these were a series of short melodic looping pieces, playing with noise and distortion, inspired partly by 8 bit music and the work of composers like Ben Frost.

In Season two, the music was gentler, taking pointers from bedroom pop and softer ambient composers. I shifted towards a greater focus on generative synthesizers,  and, since more of the artworks in Season two came with their own music, used sounds and melodies from these artworks as leitmotifs in my interstitial pieces.

I also composed music for artworks by Kevin Fee, Tristan Lim, Lynn Lu, and Ang Kia Yee. These latter two were larger scale projects that I have given seperate pages to.

For more information and full credits, see HERE.